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Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network (C-SPAN ) is an American cable and satellite television network that was created in 1979 by the cable television industry as a nonprofit public service. It televises many proceedings of the United States federal government, as well as other public affairs programming. The C-SPAN network includes the television channels C-SPAN (focusing on the U.S. House of Re


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"Long time management basically concerned with keeping their jobs. No free thinking allowed!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Low pay Sinking ship Not a lot of room to advance Poor management"


"slow to change and embrace new ways of thinking.."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Senior management all there a long time so the culture is a little skewed. Hard to get through new ideas and try new things, though I've heard that has improved. Also, not sure people there are as skilled or up to date with skills as people elsewhere, but that might be changing. Unbalanced in terms of pay across the company. Some areas I thought were overstaffed, while others totally slammed. People who have been there from the beginning have a sense of entitlement and get paid A LOT, so don't expect to move up. Managers have had little to no management training, its how long you've been there and whether you were there from the beginning that really seems to matter--but I've heard that has changed, too. You'll notice all the intern reviews on here; definitely a ton goes into the intern program. They are really into it, yet not much in terms of development if you work there FT. And forget about resources to do your work. Definite favoritism exists. And very very top down management style and silos. Don't expect changes to happen quickly or a fast-paced environment. I felt like this is where some people in the news biz ended up when their luck dried up at other places. It's a non profit, and they will definitely try to squeeze out as much from you as they can."

Community Relations Representative (Internship) says


Director of Production Operations (Former Employee) says

"as someone new to Washington DC CSPAN is a great place to work. As Director Production Operations i ran the Operations arm of the 3 CSPAN Networks. the people are a great part of working at CSPAN."

C-SPAN Producer (Current Employee) says

"C-SPAN presents several advantages over typical news industry employers. Job security is chief among them, as well as steady hours, generous benefits and much less hectic atmosphere than one typically finds in a newsroom. However, the organization suffers from a lack of imagination within the managerial ranks and a lack of flexibility, meaning new ideas for programming or promoting the brand are often viewed with skepticism. Turnover is infrequent, which means limited opportunities for advancement. Also, compensation levels are fairly low compared to the rest of the industry, and significant pay increases are very hard to come by. Cons: fairly low pay, limited opportunities for advancement, rigid managerial practices"

Intern (Former Employee) says

"It was a wonderful opportunity to get my feet wet in the communication department of a stellar company...reporting the news in an unbiased way is unheard of and C-SPAN did it so well!"

Binyam H Mamo says

"Horrible service ever, they block all communication to their customer service. After a long trying no body is willing to deal with you because they don't wanna be the one get you a better deal or for the reasonable price. So they just put you in hold till you get tired. After all he will tell you there is nothing you can do. I've never been mad in a long time till I started talking to Comcast."

Kevin Meffert says

"Comcast has one of the lowest customer ratings of all companies in the USA for many years. They find no reason to improve their service. Many times these companies are even allowed to merge with other companies... providing bad service to even a greater number of people. What a shame."

Latonya Rogers says

"COMCAST/XFINITY SUCKS! I HAVE HAD MY WITTS WITH THEM! To whom this may concern. I have been with Comcast since 2017. Almost the WORST CHOICE I was forced to make. The only reason that I switched from Direct TV to Comcast was because the apartments that I moved into wouldn’t allow Direct Tv to install the satellites. However, fast forward I’ve had several issues since being a consumer with them but I was able to look over them until yesterday 🤬🤬 I’m scheduled to move into my new place on October 1, 2020. When I placed my order for transfer they wasn’t supposed to disconnect my current services until the first week in October 2020 why is it I get home on last night and my services were DISCONNECTED on the 17th!!!!! Who does that 👊🏽👊🏽Now that’s MY LAST DRAW! Why I’m on the phone with them and they’re telling me that they can’t REINSTATE MY FREAKING ORDER!🤬🤬🤬🤬 WHEN I DIDNT EVEN ORDER IT TO BE DISCONNECTED!!!!! So I guess I got to be without internet services for 2 weeks all because of a huge MISTAKE MADE BY THEM! 🤬🤬🤬 THEY HAVE DEFINITELY LOST A GOOD CUSTOMER!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬"

Breanna Libby says

"I never liked comcast only reason I am using it is because of my roommates like it but when I am out if there I am switching and never going to recommend comcast. Stuff never works always broken, internet barely works. I wish there was an option to give zero stars because that is how I would rate this company. Two more months and I am free of this crap! I never complain about stuff I usually just suck it up and deal with it but honestly after 4 years I am done dealing with it and can't wait to be down with it."